Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oberweis lights up Lauzen on IPA


In a 14th District GOP congressional debate tonight in suburban Chicago, businessman Jim Oberweis used his two-minute opening statement to give state Senator Chris Lauzen a verbal lashing over his acceptance of about $100,000 in campaign contributions from scandal-plagued International Profit Associates.

Lauzen returned the money a few weeks ago, but what about Hillary Clinton? She took more than $150,000 from company officers, rode on IPA's corporate jet and spoke at an IPA event. She continues to dodge the question. It was a letter from victims of IPA to Hillary that caused Lauzen to return the money, he said after the debate.

Much of the disputed money was given to Lauzen's state fund, not the federal fund in his congressional bid. After the debate, Lauzen acknowledged to the Chicago Tribune that he had heard "whiffs" about the company before, but decided to return the money recently after seeing a detailed letter small business owners wrote to a presidential campaign.
That letter can be found here.

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