Thursday, January 31, 2008

Repeat! Illinois has most liberal senator

Illinois is the Land of Liberaldom.

For the second straight year one of its U.S. senators was ranked most liberal in the nation. In 2007 it was Barack Obama. The year before, Dick Durbin.

Do you think the news media will dare ask Barack how he can be a "uniter" when he has the most partisan voting record of 100 senators? Do you think the media would be silent if a top Republican nominee for president was campaigning as a uniter and had the most conservative voting record in the senate?

For those who are wondering why there's no chance in hell the Bush administration will award the FutureGen clean coal project to Illinois, you might look at these rankings. If you were president and it was a close call between various states, would you give it to the one whose two senators have done nothing but wildly criticize you for months?

Speaking of FutureGen, the governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, had the stones to ask presidential candidates to give their position on bringing the project to Illinois. This from a governor who has been ducking reporters for more than a year because of the burgeoning federal investigation of corruption within his administration.

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