Thursday, January 3, 2008

Romney's opening

My quick observations about tonight:

1. If indeed Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee, my sense is that the GOP's best matchup against him is Mitt Romney. He can negate some of Obama's obvious star quality edge over most of the Republicans and can start hammering away at Obama's big weakness—that behind all that hope and sizzle lies a mediocre or weak executive.

2. TV buffoon Bill Schneider of CNN would flunk a high school political science class. He exclaimed this evening that Republican caucus goers were "very conservative" while Democratic participants were "moderate." How did he know? That's how they described themselves. It doesn't take a genius to know that people label themselves incorrectly and that liberals know that the label liberal is not flattering so they tend not to claim it.

3. TV buffoon extraordinaire Keith Olbermann was not happy that Hillary Clinton came in third. He kept saying if independents were taken out of the equation, Hillary and Barack would have been tied. That's like saying that the Cardinals and Cubs would be tied if you didn't count the Cardinals' home runs. In other words, vapid analysis.

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