Friday, January 18, 2008

Rude reporter? Nah, just dumb

Lots of ether-ink has been spilled on the little verbal tussle between Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and AP reporter Glen Johnson.

Sorry to say, despite this left-wing media group's attempt to paint this in loftier terms, the reporter was the bad actor here. First, he was unnecessarily rude. As a former reporter, I can tell you the best reporters usually aren't the rudest reporters.

The reporter's biggest problem, however, was the English language. Romney said he doesn't have lobbyists running the campaign. The reporter objected by suggesting one of his Romney advisors was a lobbyist. Romney said the advisor was more or less a friend and wasn't running the campaign. He was right. The reporter stubbornly stuck to his imprecisely worded question.

Johnson should have shifted his question to: "OK, so they don't run your campaign but they are with you on the airplane. Isn't it disingenuous to say you are an outsider with all your insider lobbyists on the campaign?"

Then, Johnson would have forced Romney to answer a tougher question and Johnson might have had a real story instead of the contrived little confrontation that did nothing other than to showcase his lack of intelligence.

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