Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Weasel words

As a former spokesman, I can say without knowing all the facts that Scott McClellan is a weasel. I felt the same way about George Stephanopoulos when he wrote his memoir.

McClellan, if he truly was distressed about what was going on in the White House, never should have stepped to the podium to defend the administration. Nobody forced him to take the job or keep it. If he felt that way while doing the job, it says very little about his integrity or strength of character.

If he is embellishing his distress with the White House to pander to the left wing national press and boost book sales, he also is displaying little integrity.

Either way, weasel is an appropriate label. I made it clear to the first person I spoke for, Illinois Attorney General Jim Ryan, that I would never lie for him and wanted access to all information so I could speak accurately to the public. It looks like McClellan never had that deal with the White House. He should have moved forward silently with his life instead of compounding his poor performance as press secretary with a stunning act of dishonor.

That McClellan is booked on left-wing media outlets to promote his book and not on Fox indicates that the book was embellished for a particular audience. That makes McClellan a person who apparently was duped twice√Ę€”once by the White House and once by his publisher.

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