Monday, August 25, 2008

The Dems' housing shortage

Not decisive evidence, but a focus group conducted by Frank Luntz shows that, like many speculated last week, the Obama "seven houses" attack on John McCain is not effective.

Then Luntz plays Obama's ad attacking McCain on the "seven houses" issue. Nobody much likes it; the meters stay below 50 for both Republican and Democratic leaners. After that comes McCain's response ad, the one featuring Tony Rezko. Republican meters shoot up to 80, while the Democratic meters climb slightly above 50. Asked later, people think Obama's attack ad was good, but the Rezko response raised new questions. "For Barack to get money from someone else รข€” and who knows where he got that money to get his house?" one woman asks. In general, says another woman, in McCain's ads, "the issues were a little more clear."

I would be curious how the Bill Ayres ad tested. I bet better than all the other attacks last week.

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