Friday, August 29, 2008

The maverick ticket

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is a very risky pick as vice president. As a first-term governor, it brings the issue of experience front and center. But the news media, in the first few minutes of trying to digest this, are missing the point.

Palin has built her reputation as a gutsy reformer. She stood up against her own party's corruption in Alaska.

John McCain's strategists probably believed that the experience argument against Obama is relevant, but ultimately out of their hands. In other words, if Obama performed well in the debates and the public viewed him as qualified for president, the argument is negated.

Reform, on the other hand, is something that Obama can't claim. He has the festering Rezko house deal and did nothing about corruption in his own state.

McCain and Palin have bucked their own party. They are truly independent. Obama and Biden are not. They are boilerplate Democrats with no credible record of reform.

Suddenly, the change ticket changed to McCain-Palin.

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