Thursday, August 21, 2008

State AG could break Annenberg stonewall

A state university is stonewalling the public on the release of documents (Chicago Annenberg Challenge documents relating to Barack Obama, terrorist Bill Ayers). This is exactly the type of case that Illinois AG Lisa Madigan says she can resolve, through her creation of a Public Access Counselor.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan is committed to ensuring open and honest government in Illinois. As part of that commitment, the Attorney General's Office works closely with members of the public and government officials to ensure compliance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and the Open Meetings Act (OMA).

For the first time in Illinois history, Attorney General Madigan established the position of Public Access Counselor within the office to respond to questions concerning FOIA and OMA, offer valuable training on the requirements of these laws to public officials, the media and members of the public, and to take action to resolve disputes arising under these laws. Through the Public Access Counselor and the experienced attorneys in the Public Access and Opinions Division, Attorney General Madigan's Office will work to ensure that these laws fulfill their goal of providing the public with access to government documents and decision making.

Public Access can be reached at 217-558-0486, or by writing to the Attorney General's Springfield office at 500 S. Second Street, Springfield, IL 62705.

Somebody ought to ask her to intercede.

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