Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Failed vetters fail again

The MSM continually beats the drum, asking whether John McCain adequately vetted Sarah Palin.

I've never seen the MSM work so hard. Ironically, the same MSM had 18 months to inspect Barack Obama's biography and failed to find Obama's only executive experience.

Here are the gems the MSM has "found" so far on Palin that have justified headlines such as "scandal" and "beleaguered."

1. Her husband got a DUI when he was 22 years old.

2. She once was a member of another political party in Alaska. (Nope, that report was false).

3. She might have failed to renew a business license to run a car wash once.

4. Her newest child was actually borne by her daughter (Nope, that report was false).

5. She is under legislative investigation by her political opponents for a trumped up charge of firing an employee.

The American people will not fall for this blatant partisan smear. Once they hear Palin speak they will know that the MSM is lying again.

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