Saturday, September 13, 2008

NY Times sets Alaskans straight

One of the great advantages John McCain has in the presidential race is that his enemies—Democrats and the liberal press—have no idea how much they are helping him.

In its desperation to destroy Sarah Palin before she takes hold as a feminist busting role model, the New York Times today runs a lengthy front page profile on her that barely is more journalistically sound than an extended comment on a liberal blog.

Titled, "Once elected, Palin hired friends and lashed foes," the story is one that could be written on exactly every major public official. All it takes is to find a few critics, shake the words around and voila—another serious piece of journalism from the world's greatest newspaper.

This one took a little more work from the Times because Palin has fewer enemies than most.

To her supporters — and with an 80 percent approval rating, she has plenty — Ms. Palin has lifted Alaska out of a mire of corruption. She gained the passage of a bill that tightens the rules covering lobbyists. And she rewrote the tax code to capture a greater share of oil and gas sale proceeds.

What a break for Alaskans! They have been too busy spearing fish and stacking wood to examine their governor's record in such a "sophisticated" manner. I'm sure they are very thankful the NY Times is 'splaining things for their undersized frozen brains. I'm sure the 80 percent approval ratings will melt away along with everything else in Alaska after Al Gore's prophecy comes true.

And, somewhere, Karl Rove is thankful too, because every misfire like this on Palin helps the McCain-Palin ticket win exactly the target voters who will prove decisive in November.

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