Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Political courage, corruption and Palin

As Illinois journalists, politicians and other institutions act offended at campaign commercials that portray Chicago and Illinois as corrupt, what is the big picture? The home town players are all trying to draw fine lines absolving themselves of taint.

What's needed in Illinois is not just another campaign ethics law√Ę€”we had one of those in 1998 and it preceded the most corrupt period in state history.

What's more important are politicians who stand up against their own political interests and say enough is enough. Who has done that in Illinois? Very few and certainly not Barack Obama. For example, Obama helped elect Rod Blagojevich and then endorsed him for re-election when it was known he was under multiple federal investigations.

What's needed is someone like Sarah Palin. With a large family to feed and no personal wealth, she quit a $122,000 job at the most powerful political commission in Alaska after she blew the whistle on corrupt members of her own party. She then took on her own party in a primary and defeated a corrupt governor.

Has anyone done that in Illinois recently?

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