Thursday, September 4, 2008

She's dumb!

The left can never admit someone on the right is smart "like them." Eric Zorn sneers at Sarah Palin for using phonetic spelling on her teleprompter (common), her accent, and insinuating that she simply read a speech written by speech writers.

As an orator, as a presence on the stage, as a personality she was, let's be honest, OK. Yes she said "EYE-rack," "EYE-ran" and "IM-ported oil," which grated on my ear (she didn't say the word "nuclear" as NEWK-yoo-lar, as President Bush is wont to do, but that may have been because her script spelled the word out for her phonetically, "new clear," I kid you not), but the text was well-wrought and had some sharp, memorable lines in it.

You'd hope so. She's had experience giving political speeches and reading from a teleprompter, she had the services of some of the top speechwriters in the United States and she had several days to practice. What was anyone expecting? Deer-in-the-headlights stammering of artless phrases?

In other words, she's a news anchor. First, I don't know how he would know whether Palin participated in the writing of her speech. My guess is yes. Either way, do Democrats all write their own speeches? And even if a politician writes their own speech, that doesn't make them smarter or superior to one who doesn't. Whoever wrote Barack Obama's acceptance speech last week did a poor job.

Just to review, here's Obama without a teleprompter.

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