Saturday, November 4, 2006

Will Illinois go for Comrade Whitney?


It looks like Green Party candidate for Governor Rich Whitney has been less than forthcoming about his past. Would up to 14 percent of Illinois citizens support him if they knew he was an 18-year member of the Socialist Labor Party of America and the organization's "national editor" for four years?

This letter in the alternative Illinois Times unearthed the story. An officer of the SLP criticized Whitney for skirting around a party affiliation question in a televised interview with the Illinois Channel.

Fact is that the 51-year-old candidate and 10-year veteran of the Green Party belonged to the Socialist Labor Party for 18 years, from 1975 until 1993. There's nothing wrong with being a Socialist, at least I don't think so. There's nothing wrong with changing your mind about being a Socialist. However, there is something wrong about a candidate asking for your trust while concealing the truth when asked: "What is your history? What party have you identified with over your adult life?"

Green and yellow really do go together.

Robert Bills

National secretary

Socialist Labor Party of America
Bills is right. Whitney was knee deep in the SLP. For those who aren't familiar with SLP's philosophy, it can be summed up as favoring a revolutionary movement in America to remove capitalism and replace it with socialism. Here is a passage from a resolution Whitney sponsored in 1989 at the organization's national convention.

Capitalism has not triumphed over socialism, nor has it proved to be a superior system. Its real battle with socialism has yet to be fought. And capitalism's own disintegration is increasingly demonstrating that it must give way to a higher, superior form of social organization—socialism—if the human race is to survive and flourish.

Fraternally submitted,


My, the Rockford Register-Star must really be proud of its endorsement of Whitney right about now.

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