Sunday, March 2, 2008

America about to learn Obama is a rookie

Hugh Hewitt sums up Barack Obama and the upcoming general election very well.

During my vacation I read Barack Obama's books. and Dreams From My Father: A Story Of Race And Inheritance was a revelation.  The Audacity of Hope is dull, the sort of book we expect from presidential candidates.

But Dreams is pretty raw, and very revealing.  Every political commentator should read it.  I'll be posting on it for the next few days, but it showcases the source of Obama's appeal: Senator Obama walked the civil rights' activist and community organizer's walk.  He knows the underclass.  He tried, in a very real, very committed way, to improve their lot. 

He believes.

Barack Obama is a man of the left --the hard left ,the uncompromising left.  His passion is real, not feigned, and the intensity of his campaign volunteers is to be expected as a result. 

But he is far, far from the mainstream of American politics, and as the electorate learns this, I expect they will become exceedingly cautious about handing the country's future to a man only three years into the D.C. swirl --exactly the same time he spent as an "organizer" on the South Side of Chicago.  He didn't "know" Chicago after three years, and he doesn't know D.C. --or the world-- now.

Senator Barack is, in short, a rookie.  The sort of rookie the fans love, then turn against, realizing he isn't up to the job.  The sort of rookie that makes huge mistakes, which while merely disappointing on the football field, are deadly on the field of international conflict.

Senator Obama is Jimmy Carter, without the experience.  Carter, without the United States Naval Academy education.

He's going to win Texas and Ohio on Tuesday, and lose to John McCain in November.

We are a people defined by common sense, after all.  We don't turn the county's survival over to rookies.

Democrats intoxicated with Obamamania won't read this but they should.

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