Thursday, March 13, 2008

MSM's 'structuring' of Dem scandals

When Republicans get caught in scandals, the MSM quickly conjures up other GOP examples and connects them into "pattern" stories. With Dem scandals, if party affiliation is even mentioned, there is no such connecting the dots.

VIEIRA: Let's talk very quickly about Governor Spitzer's resignation. He was a superdelegate for Senator Clinton. So she loses his vote. Beyond that, do you see any other fallout for the Democrats?

TIM RUSSERT: Probably not. There had been some references to any time there's a story about sex and men, this would focus attention on former President Bill Clinton, but I think that's probably just been a day or two story and now with the new governor of, of New York in place on Monday, that story pretty much leaves the front pages.

Two Democratic governors (NJ, NY) of bordering states resigning in disgrace over sex scandals. Pattern? Nah. Another Dem governor (IL) embroiled in the biggest corruption scandal in that state's history. Pattern? Nah.

As we are learning in the Eliot Spitzer case, it is called "structuring" when someone tries to hide crimes by breaking financial activity into small pieces. It would seem that the MSM is "structuring" its coverage of Democratic scandals, especially when you consider it does the exact opposite with Republican scandals.

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