Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dems will regret nominating Obama

We've said here for months that the MSM was vastly overrating the Democratic field for president. In terms of qualifications, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton always ranked fourth and fifth behind John McCain, Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani.

Now that the MSM is finally asking Obama a few pointed questions, his glaring weaknesses in the fall are becoming apparent. He's a far left liberal who is smart but intellectually lazy. His positions are a hodgepodge of illogicisms stitched together with only one theme: opposition to President Bush.

He complained about the questioning last night, saying it was trivial.

"Forty-five minutes before we heard about health care. Forty-five minutes before we heard about Iraq," he continued. "Forty-five - 45 - minutes before we heard about jobs. Forty-five minutes before we heard about gas prices."

However, when the discussion turned to substance, Obama did just as poorly as he did on the "trivia." His position on taxes is bizarre. One second he says he won't raise taxes on anyone with income under $250,000 and in the next breath he says he wants to raise capital gains taxes, which affect millions under the $250K threshold. Does he think we won't catch that whopper?

Gas prices? Barack is for investigating the oil companies for collusion, imposing a large windfall profits tax and investing more money for research. Boy, there are some original ideas. These same hackneyed bromides are trotted out every four years by Democrats. They represent politics, not an understanding of economics. Gas prices are high because of supply and demand. Impose higher taxes on the oil companies and they will do less research, not more.

Obama is not change. Obama is a disaster in the making for Democrats. He could lose big in November.

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