Friday, May 16, 2008

Media shilling for Obama continues

Wasn't it Barack Obama who complained endlessly about the news media "looping" comments made by Rev. Jeremiah Wright to distort his true meaning. That turned out to be a political dodge statement once people started looking at Wright's views at large and realized the clips were not much of a distortion.

Yesterday, Obama curiously "owned" President Bush's appeasement comments when they weren't even directed at him. This is a bad public relations strategyĆ¢€”taking ownership of a negative attributeĆ¢€”unless you have a national press corps providing complete cover for you, which of course is the case. Noel Sheppard of Newsbusters has an excellent commentary on that point, making the argument that the pro-Obama press was guilty of the same sin Obama was falsely whining about in the Wright matter.

Yet, America's media could only see this event through the tiny prism of the upcoming presidential election, and thereby totally ignored virtually everything that was said by the most powerful man in the world to one of our nation's greatest allies.

From a speech that lasted over 20 minutes -- interrupted eight times by applause from Israeli Knesset members -- America's media exclusively reported 83 words they felt insulted the candidate for president they have been unashamedly supporting for over a year.

Everything else in the President's stirring and emotional address went completely ignored, so much so that the other 2,400 words were totally irrelevant, as was the signficance of the day and the moment.

Read the entire piece here.

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