Monday, May 21, 2007

The Barack trap

Barack Obama is setting a trap for himself with his attempt to play holier-than-thou on campaign financing. He wrote an op-ed this morning in the Chicago Tribune saying there's needs to be more disclosure of the bundling of campaign contributions.

Then, a few hours later, a story moved about an Obama fundraiser in Connecticut where he netted $750,000 at a billionaire's home with radical leftist George Soros in attendance.

As usual, Obama is trying to straddle an issue. He's trying to say he would remove some of the influence of money from politics while at the same time he is accepting money from perhaps the biggest symbol in America of all that's wrong with politics—Soros, who has sneakily pumped millions into elective politics through various far left entities. It's like when Obama decries the tone of our politics and walks hand in hand with Dick Durbin, the Senate's shrillest partisan.

Obama might try to say he was a reformer when he was in the Illinois Legislature, but despite passing "reform" legislation, the state's governor of his own party, Rod Blagojevich, has managed to create the largest pay-to-play operation ever seen in the Land of Lincoln. When the indictments start flying at a faster clip, the Obama legislation is going to be more starkly revealed as ineffective.

Back to the backfire theory. Hillary Clinton and her slash-and-burn minions are churning up the Obama stories behind the scenes. Because Obama has tried to appear above politics with op-eds like today's, the bar has been lowered by the news media as to what constitutes a fair hit on the Illinois senator. Meanwhile, Obama's staffers are constrained by the candidate's admonition not to play dirty politics under the radar. They ought to be all over this story but aren't pushing it because of the self-imposed wing-clipping.

The battlefield has been laid for an Obama massacre in the media, if necessary, at the hands of the Clintonites. Any slight benefit by the op-ed will be many times erased by the guerilla political tactics of his opponents.

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