Sunday, May 6, 2007

Media disguise of the day

Christi Parsons of the Chicago Tribune is a talented writer and a nice person. But she is guilty of gross mislabeling today in her story about Rush Limbaugh's use of a parody song to mock Barack Obama.

In labeling a critic of Limbaugh's, she put a mask on the known liberal disinformation group Media Matters for America.

"We take these things seriously because there's a consistent pattern of them making their way into the mainstream media and then the mainstream consciousness," said Karl Frisch, a spokesman for Media Matters, a non-profit media watchdog group that has been monitoring the broadcasts. "It's important to shoot these things down."
Calling Media Matters "non-profit" is a way to make it sound neutral. Of course many non-profit groups are fiercely partisan. And "watchdog" also is a favorable label.

The truth is that Media Matters is an organization that derives its funding from organizations affiliated with far left smear merchant George Soros. Its roster of spokespeople and researchers are all openly partisan liberals. Its stated purpose is to correct "conservative misinformation."

If the news media quotes this group, it ought to be told its true nature.

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