Thursday, May 31, 2007

Liberals' worst enemy—the map

In this Telegraph story that assesses the status of al-Qaeda, the author concludes that the U.S. led assault on terrorism worldwide has resulted in a draw at present. The article has lots of good morsels of information and few concrete conclusions.

What drew me was the graphic above. All the colored countries above are targeted for takeover by al-Qaeda. I remember looking at maps as a kid showing the rise and fall of Nazi Germany and other empires. It looks to me like it did to George W. Bush and many others in 2002—Iraq is absolutely crucial territory in the war on terror. We couldn't afford to abandon it to terrorists then and shouldn't now.

I'd like to see a Democratic presidential debate with this map on the overhead and the following question posed: "Just exactly how is it in the long-term strategic interests of the United States to abandon Iraq?"

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