Monday, July 23, 2007

Hunter digs deeper

Clueless Chicago Sun-Times columnist Jennifer Hunter is digging deeper after her embarrassing mistake labeling a Pennsylvania trial lawyer and Democratic contributor as a "staunch Republican."

She refused to admit her mistake and instead inartfully tried to mock Republicans for calling her on it. Now, she is drawing another round of deserved scorn on the blogosphere. This, today, from the respected conservative website, American Thinker, which recounts how a reader spent a mere 20 minutes of fact checking that Hunter should have performed. The post concludes that Hunter might be incompetent instead of biased.

The Homer Glen resident, who does not have a journalism background, utilized the internet to find out basic facts about Ronca. Just like me, he found the FEC filings listing political contributions. He also verified that the James Ronca listed was the same person in the story by doing a basic internet name search through Google. Burian located the law firm he works for and sent Ronca an email verifying that he was the same person in the story. James Ronca, who according to his biography is former President of the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association, confirmed that he was in fact the same person in the article.

Burian claims that his amateur investigation took about "20 minutes." In the time it takes to cook a frozen pizza, he was able to determine without a shadow of a doubt that Ronca could not be labeled a "staunch Republican." The question still remains, why couldn't or wouldn't a professional journalist for a highly respected newspaper verify her source and come to the same conclusion?
Patterico's Pontifications, the blog that broke the Hunter story, is amazed at Hunter's continued refusal to acknowledge her huge blunder.

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