Thursday, February 7, 2008

Obama and fear

Barack Obama claimed today again that Republicans are using fear in their political rhetoric. Duh. And, what, Saint Barack, are Democrats using when they suggest the world will be swallowed by global warming or that every blip in the economy is harbinger of a recession or worse?

Barack made the statement on the press plane today after Mitt Romney stepped out of the race. He is able to make the following baldly arrogant statement because the news media never calls him on anything.

"That's the kind of poorly thought through statement that led him to have to drop out," Obama said. "It's a classic attempt to appeal to people's fears that will not work in this campaign. And I think that's part of the reason he was such an ineffective candidate."

"No Democrat has suggested that we surrender to terrorism. Democrats have suggested that we start withdrawing out of Iraq so we can focus our attention on terrorism. But, you know, it's a classic example of trying to conflate the war against real enemies with the failed strategy of the Bush Administration in Iraq. " Obama said in response to a follow-up question. "It's those sort of glib statements that I think got Romney consistently in trouble in this race."

Say what you will about Romney but his statements were far from "poorly thought through." What is poorly thought through is saying we need to withdraw from Iraq where we are fighting al-Qaeda so we can "focus our attention on terrorism."

That's poorly thought through.

Maybe Patrick Ruffini is right about Obama being an easier matchup for McCain.

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