Thursday, August 7, 2008

Barack Obama's Chicago

A clout heavy city worker first got a taxpayer funded pool that enraged neighbors and now, a ComEd generator, as neighbors suffered through an extended power outage.

John Kass has the scoop.

When I wrote about him years ago, the Sun-Times was acting like Daley's News and defended him in an editorial, calling him a good neighbor, noting he promised to get rid of his offending pool. The paper has since switched its tone, lecturing Pool Boy for being part of Daley's vast patronage operation. That's the same operation that will gear up for Sen. Barack Obama in November as he reforms our nation's politics, not Chicago's.

Kass is well aware that Chicago is the city that hired Barack Obama's wife, produced Obama's fundraiser/alter ego, and is media-engineered by Obama's main political advisor. Oh, that same media advisor also helps ComEd get rate hikes and the power company's CEO is a board member at Michelle Obama's place of employment.

He'll change Washington, though, I'm sure.

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