Monday, June 19, 2006

Lisa Madigan and her w-i-d-e-n-i-n-g probes

Although she has produced no significant indictments, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is becoming a prolific investigation "widener."

Today's Crain's says her office is "widening" her probe of the not-for-profit status of Illinois hospitals.

Just a few weeks ago, the Sun-Times said her probe of the Blagojevich administration over a questionable closure of a Joliet landfill connected to his estranged father-in-law Dick Mell was widening. And then there was this:

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is widening the list of Web-based phone record brokers she is subpoenaing to determine if the phone numbers are being obtained illegally from phone companies, her spokeswoman, Melissa Merz, said Thursday.
How about doing a little less widening over there, Lisa, and a little more indicting. Just one indictment would be nice.

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