Friday, June 23, 2006

The Victor Reyes defense?


This is a week late, but hey, everybody else missed it too.

On Tom Roeser's weekly radio show "Political Shootout" last Sunday evening, there was an interesting assertion by Mike Noonan, a Democratic strategist and partner with rumored-to-be-in-legal jeopardy Victor Reyes (pictured left). Reyes is former chief of intergovernmental affairs for Mayor Daley and the head of his controversial Hispanic Democration Organization. Reyes has not been charged with wrongdoing in the ongoing probe of city hiring practices but he has been included in court documents and some speculate he will be indicted.

Noonan went after U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, calling him a "zealot" and somebody who would indict someone without the facts to back it up. Here's the transcript of what Noonan said when Victor Reyes' name came up:

The fact of the matter is, nobody has accused him of any wrongdoing here. And this is America.
I believe Patrick Fitzgerald has an agenda. His agenda is that he thinks that Rich Daley is corrupt and he will go to any means necessary in order to prove his theory whether or not it's based in fact.

I think he is a zealot who has a mindset of what is right and wrong -- absolute black and white.
I got the impression that Noonan was laying the groundwork for a public defense of Reyes.

Roeser needs to get WLS to post the podcasts of his free-wheeling show, or post them on his website. It's one of the few shows left in Chicago where political news is occasionally made.

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