Sunday, July 23, 2006

Where's Durbin on "torture" in Chicago?

Illini Pundit had a good point the other day. Why isn't the news media asking our "jack-in-the-box" U.S. Senator about the Burge torture report.

Since this is now clearly both an Illinois and a Federal matter, I'm awaiting Sen. Dick Durbin's scathing attacks on Chicago's pro-torture administration, and Mayor Daley, the pro-torture former State's Attorney and current Mayor, and political booster of Sen. Durbin.
As we all know, Dick Durbin never misses an opportunity to take a partisan shot at Republicans. His attack machine was temporarily sidelined last year when he compared US troops to Nazis but he's back on his feet throwing mud every chance he gets.

His "jack-in-the-box" label comes from a political/news pro friend of mine who thusly describes politicians who jump up and make public statements about every available newsworthy event, no matter how tangential the relevance to their job.

It would not be a stretch at all for Durbin to be commenting on the reports of torture under Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge -- at a time when Chicago Mayor Richard Daley was Cook County State's Attorney. The Chicago news media loves this story and is trying to squeeze every last drop out of it.

It's tailor made for Durbin. Except the targets are powerful Democrats. I guess we won't see him pop out of his box this time.

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