Monday, February 12, 2007

Blago rooting for Scooter

I'm sure Rod Blagojevich's inner circle is rooting for "Scooter" Libby in his perjury trial in Washington. More precisely, they are hoping that Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald fails to gain a conviction.

If Fitzgerald loses, it would give Blago's people something to say when the corruption indictments start flying against them in Illinois. They could say that Fitzgerald, also the U.S. Attorney in Chicago, is overzealous, and use that as a public defense.

Fitzgerald has lost few high profile cases in his career but it looks like there's a chance he might lose the Libby perjury case. A parade of witnesses for both sides is laying out a confusing picture for jurors.

The MSM has lost interest in the case because Republican "villian" Karl Rove and other top officials were not indicted and because many top reporters are being grilled on the witness stand and are showing noticable lapses of memory, and, in some cases, are giving answers that appear less than truthful.

This blogsite is covering the case better than any media outlet. I wonder if Blagojevich's people have it bookmarked.

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