Sunday, January 20, 2008

Major Hillary donor tries to silence victims

Hillary Clinton says she wants to usher in a new era of openness as president. Maybe she ought to have a little talk with one of her largest donors.

That donor, troubled consulting firm International Profit Associates of Buffalo Grove, IL., has filed suit against 40 small business owners across the country who claim they were defrauded by IPA. The small business owners' and their lawyer's offense: They posted their pending federal racketeering lawsuit on a low-key internet site! I wonder whether IPA also plans to sue the Department of Justice, which posts its legal documents on the Internet as well. Read the whole thing below and decide whether it is legitimate or an act of legal thuggery.


One of the ironies is that IPA's lawyer is Myron "Mike" Cherry, a man who says here he linked IPA to the Clintons. Cherry has been identified in published reports as "Individual H" in the indictment of Tony Rezko.
Just this weekend, Hillary's opponent Barack Obama donated more than $40,000 to charity that was linked to Rezko.

Hillary has taken more than $150,000 from IPA, including a ride on the company's corporate jet, and the acceptance of a contribution from a high school age child of an IPA executive. She also spoke at an IPA event while the largest and "most egregious" sexual harassment lawsuit filed by the Chicago office of the EEOC was pending against the company.

She has not been questioned about IPA money since 2006, when her staff said she was reviewing the situation.

IPA money has become an issue in the GOP primary in Illinois' 14th District Congressional race, where Jim Oberweis has hammered opponent Chris Lauzen for taking nearly $100,000 in IPA money before returning it recently.

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