Thursday, January 24, 2008

MSM is lying about Bush lying

Media bias tactic #1: Sanitize left-wing groups when they put out a report. It is a lazy, dishonest practice and exposes the MSM as nothing more than a propaganda tool of the left. No wonder most media outlets are losing money rapidly and public distrust continues to rise.

Yesterday, almost the entire MSM jumped on a study from a George Soros-funded group that said Bush lied. The information was nothing more than recycled old charges. But the MSM liked the message so it abandoned its definition of news and forget to mention the study was funded by a left-wing kook.

AP, MSNBC, CNN and the New York Times on Wednesday all promoted a "study" by a couple of affiliated far-left groups, supposedly documenting "935 false statements" about Iraq made by Bush officials, but in hyping the proof of "lies" which led to war, the news outlets disguised the ideology of the groups -- led by a former ABC and CBS reporter/producer -- and how many of the "false" statements were about Iraq possessing WMD, which FNC's Brit Hume pointed out was "a concept nearly universally accepted by most of the world's intelligence services at the time."
I would like someone in the MSM explain to me how it is fair to ignore the group's motivations. It's not like the same standard holds true for the right.

Keith Olbermann, who in 2006 slammed the Media Research Center as a "rabid right-wing spin group," Wednesday night on Countdown with "935 lies" on screen on top of a picture of Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney, described the Center for Public Integrity and Fund for Independence in Journalism as merely "two non-profit groups" who have "done the algebra" on "the administration's countless lies about Iraq." Last September, CNN's Jack Cafferty accurately described the MRC as a "conservative media watchdog outfit," but he euphemistically tagged the left-wing groups as "two non-profit journalism groups" with a study which "found President Bush led the pack with 260 lies." Cafferty's labeling echoed AP's reference to "two non-profit journalism organizations."
What a nakedly dishonest day of reporting it was yesterday for most of the country's "respected" press.

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