Wednesday, May 31, 2006

But it's OK to reveal the play?

Absurdities abound from the lips of spokespersons for Rod Blagojevich and this one is no exception. A spokeswoman is trying to explain why the administration won't reveal the basis of their $10 billion estimate for the sale price of the lottery.

"Lovie Smith wouldn't give his playbook to the Packers, and Bruce Weber wouldn't give his playbook to Michigan State," Blagojevich budget spokeswoman Becky Carroll said, referring to the coaches of the Chicago Bears and the University of Illinois men's basketball team.
Of course the administration already revealed the most important bit of information -- the sale price! The rest is immaterial.

Lovie Smith might not give his playbook to the Packers, but it wouldn't much matter if he had already publicly announced the next play.

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