Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Barack the sniper

Instead of elevating our debate as he promised, Barack Obama is resorting to cheap, inaccurate shots unbecoming a constitutional law professor, er, senior lecturer.

I'm referring to Barack's taped statement that is airing as part of today's left-wing MoveOn.org Democratic presidential forum. Obama was taking a poke at John McCain, who visited Baghdad and reported progress in the war.
"The idea that the situation in Iraq is improving because it takes a security detail of 100 soldiers, three Black Hawk helicopters and a couple of Apache gunships to walk through a market in the middle of Baghdad is simply not credible and not reflective of the facts on the ground," Obama said in a taped interview that will air as part of a Democratic presidential forum sponsored by MoveOn.org.
First, Barack, instead of firing off rhetorical volleys meant to please the MoveOn crowd, ought to reference a source, instead of a hope. He obviously can't quote from this recently released report from retired General Barry McCaffrey, who said this:

Since the arrival of General Petraeus in command of Multi-National Force Iraq—the situation on the ground has clearly and measurably improved.
The Iraqi people are encouraged as life is almost immediately springing back in many parts of the city.
Barack's hope, of course, like all Democrats, is that the surge fails. Because if it succeeds, their careers will have as much credibility as a Don Imus rap song.

Second, Barack and the anti-war news media has completely overstated the McCain security sweep. Every day in the United States, dozens of Secret Service agents are sweeping locations in advance of a presidential visit. At large, open events, security exceeds 100 officers to protect the president. That doesn't mean the region is unsafe. It means to protect a public official from a sniper, extraordinary measures must be taken.

Nobody's comparing Springfield, IL., to Baghdad, but did Barack forget about the men on roofs with rifles who protected him when he announced his candidacy on that cold February morning?

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