Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hinderaker undresses Boehlert

When it comes to logical argumentation, John Hinderaker of Power Line blog is without peer. This evening, he took apart Eric Boehlert from the liberal disinformation website Media Matters.

Boehlert knows no shame. He wrote a book that honestly posits that the MSM is easy on Bush. He picks out a few examples of thousands of news events and makes that into a storyline. Anyone with a functioning brain can deduce that most reporters are not favorable to Bush.

Hinderaker defended himself against an attack Boehlert made on a post that argued that the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ad campaign in 2004 had not been "discredited," as liberals and members of the MSM are arguing. I've written about this several times, including here. Hinderaker notes that Boehlert dishonestly tries to criticize him for a precise argument he did not make.

To sear in his point, Hinderaker posts many of the Swift Boat ads. I've posted a few myself over the last several months and I propose that all conservative bloggers continue the practice of posting the Swift Boat ads every time Boehlert, liberals and reporters repeat the same, er, discredited canard that the ads were discredited.

Here's my favorite.


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