Monday, April 23, 2007

Obama in alternate universe


In generic party affiliation polls, Democrats hold a double-digit lead over Republicans across the country. Despite that, the top Republican candidates for president are leading or roughly tied with the Democratic field. Why? My theory is the country is not buying buying Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or John Edwards as Commander in Chief.

Obama's "major" foreign policy speech today in Chicago is a good example. It comes across as a sing-song high school recitation of issues without any deep appreciation or sense of urgency about Islamic jihadism.

Whether it's global terrorism or pandemic disease, dramatic climate change or the proliferation of weapons of mass annihilation, the threats we face at the dawn of the 21st century can no longer be contained by borders and boundaries.
For the sake of organization alone, somebody ought to inform Obama that global terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass annihilation are directly related. Terrorists are trying to get their hands on nuclear weapons to kill us.

I know Obama is busy fundraising and pontificating about the wider ramifications of school shootings but perhaps he ought to take a break and read the stunningly well-written and argued "Future Jihad" by Walid Phares. It would inform him that Islamic jihadists plan to take over the world and have a multi-tiered, sophisticated strategy to carry out their aims, including deep infiltration of our core institutions. So, maybe we can put that problem at the top of the list, Barack.

But Democrats don't want to hear such black-and-white talk. They want a patchwork quilt of problems that we can solve by talking to our neighbors and exchanging carbon credits.

Obama has inserted the obligatory language that we need a strong military and might even need to act unilaterally to protect this country. The words are borrowed from the playbooks of liberal Democrats past, who need to convince us all they are not as weak on national security as our eyes tell us.

The enemy of our time is not carbon emissions. It is that group of fanatics out there who are chopping off heads and plotting every day to bring an end to Western Civilization. If the public doesn't sense the Democratic candidates understand this, we might have another four or eight years of Republican residency in the White House.

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