Thursday, April 20, 2006

Did Blago get caught?

In the AP story this evening on Rod Blagojevich's new TV ads, reporter Deanna Bellandi hints at what could be a big problem for Rod.

In the two ads featuring Blagojevich, he often speaks directly into the camera, pledging to work to get the assault weapons ban and minimum wage increase passed. The footage of Blagojevich comes from a March 25 town hall meeting but the ads don't say where the event was and don't show any audience members.

The town hall was held at a Chicago public school in Blagojevich's neighborhood and was not open to the media, campaign spokesman Doug Scofield said.

Scofield said the event was not scripted for the cameras that were there to record it.

"It was a very real event in which he had something he knew he wanted to say," Scofield said.

Thomas J. Waters School Principal Tomas Revollo said between 25 and 40 people attended, including teachers, parents and residents.

The facts aren't in yet, but if Rod used state resources to host a fake town hall meeting for the purposes of filming a campaign commercial, he's in a heap of trouble.

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