Friday, April 7, 2006

Relentless demogoguery

While the national TV media cheerfully reports on the new jobs of two of its favorite lefty women (who are good interviewers, the press reports!), it simultaneously continues shameful smearing of the President of the United States in Plamegate.

As Austin Bay points out accurately, the news media can be inprecise when it suits its purposes.

The sudden press flap over Scooter Libby's alleged “revelation” that President Bush declassified intelligence information related to Iraq is silly but all too predictable. The entire flap relies on mixing terms and “misunderstanding by innuendo” — a technique of demagoguery, not journalism. The flap is yet more evidence that the national press is more interested in playing “gotcha” with the Bush Administration than reporting the news.

Assuming Libby is right, what President Bush did was neither illegal, unethical, or related to the disclosure of Valerie Plame. But you'd never know it by the national news coverage. Tom Maguire has covered this better than anybody, including the high-priced celebrity leftists on TV.

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