Tuesday, April 4, 2006

NASCAR smear foiled

Michelle Malkin and other bloggers have reported on an intercepted email that presaged an NBC Dateline idea to show hostility toward Arab-Americans. Where were they going to send these Arab-Americans, complete with hidden cameras? To a NASCAR event of course.

…That said, I'm urgently looking for someone who can be filmed this April 1st weekend at a Nascar event (and other smaller events) in Virginia. NBC is willing to fly in someone and cover their weekend expenses. The filming would take place all day on Saturday and Sunday.

We already have a hijabi sister who will be filmed there but a Muslim is also needed to join her. I also need candidates for the other filming segments which will take place in the following weeks.

A few weeks later, NBC will fly all the filmed participants to New York City to interview them as a group about their experience and thoughts on discrimination they've faced in America, especially in light of the times we live in (war on terror, 9-11, etc.). The show, if approved by NBC (highly likely), is expected to air sometime this summer.

What I need from interested candidates is an email with an attached clear photograph, a resume, and contact information. I also need basic information such as age, ethnic background, accomplishments, etc.

The sooner I can get this the better and please don't make emails too long. I will then submit a group of candidates to NBC so they can choose the people for the show.

Please forward this to all Muslim lists you can. Because of the upcoming filming in Virginia, this is pretty time-sensitive. My contact information is below.


Tarek El-Messidi

Apparently, everybody is now aware of the plan. NBC has sent out a statement and one of Malkin's readers called NASCAR's offices and was told the racing circuit is well aware of NBC's intentions. Another of Malkin's readers suggested that racegoers bring the following banner to the race:

"Nascar welcomes NBC-Muslim Sting operation!"

This is why I love the blogosphere. A decade ago, NBC would have aired the show with whatever flimsy evidence it dug up. Anyone who looks differently than most of a huge crowd will get a few stares, looks and comments — whether they are Arab-American, white male, or whatever. If you are intent on twisting something like that into a prime time newsmagazine segment, you can. It's been going on for years.

Now, NBC will have to look for another smear.

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