Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Governor Rod, uncut -- a hit


6,030 viewers and counting -- uncut Rod wrestling with the truth. Here's what he looks like without his tainted money TV commercials or staged photo-ops.

UPDATE -- Andy Shaw from ABC 7 Chicago just did a piece on the YouTube political angle and focused on the Rod video.

The governor's shaky performance last week in defending a $1,500 birthday gift to his daughter Amy from a friend whose wife got a state job was summarized on ABC7 by Paul Meincke and posted on the ABC7 website. But now you can see the entire news conference, as recorded by the rival Topinka campaign, on the internet site called YouTube.

"You are seeing him stumbling around, not quite seeming to grasp the import of it and why it might resonate with voters," said Steve Johnson, Tribune internet critic.

"We believe when you look at the full press conference and see the governor's demeanor, the way he was so uncomfortable and so unsure of what he was saying, I think that brings context to the issue," said John McGovern, Topinka campaign.

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