Thursday, September 14, 2006

What about the check, mate?


Rocket Rod Blagojevich has not spoken to the news media since the Chicago Tribune revealed the FBI is deeply interested in a $1,500 check written to his seven-year-old daughter a few days after the check writer's family accepted a state job under questionable circumstances.

Today, he exits his northwest side Chicago home and is doing all he can to stay away from questions about the growing controversy. He is flying around the outer edges of the state, bypassing Chicago and Springfield, to announce a bogus state FOP endorsement.

Rod has taken great pains to underpublicize this little fly-around and we wonder if he is using a stealth aircraft like the one above since Stu Levine's corporate jet was not available. I would imagine that state FOP hack Ted Street also wants to avoid questions like: What the hell is a law enforcement organization doing endorsing a guy under nine separate state and federal corruption investigations, including the check caper?

Rod will be in Rockford at 12:30 p.m., Quad Cities at 2 p.m. and Marion at 4 p.m. The state's two largest media markets -- Chicago and Springfield -- are on Rod's no-fly list today because more aggressive questions would await him there.

Stay tuned.

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