Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Democrats: Cheerleaders for defeat

The president of the United States, the man we elected to protect our national security, continues this evening the difficult task of trying to defeat global terrorism in a post 9/11 world. He will outline a new strategy for winning the war in Iraq.

George W. Bush is the person who is making those decisions and despite making the inevitable mistakes every American president has made in times of war, an honest person would say GWB is sincere about his intentions to protect us.

It would nice this evening if the Democrats would leave the political posturing at home and give us some indication they too want to see a victory in Iraq.

From the time the war started, the vast majority of national Democrats, including our Senator Dick Durbin, have hyper criticized every move by the President. It started two weeks after the invasion of Iraq when critics said the effort was bogged down.

Today, Senator Durbin, before the President had a chance to outline his policy, was criticizing Bush for changing course. That's exactly what Durbin and others have been urging Bush to do for months. It's clear that success in Iraq, to Democrats, is an outcome they never want to occur because of the negative political implications.

The Democrats are not paying a political price right now for their duplicity because the national media is a wholly owned subsidiary of their point of view. Day and night, the national media pumps forward anti-war reporting with a barely hidden glee.

Check this evening after the speech and count how many Republican defectors are interviewed (lots) compared to Democrat defectors (probably none). Since Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman has differed with his own party on the war, you can't find him on national TV. But he understands the equation in Iraq.

"In war, there are two exit strategies. One is called victory. The other is called defeat."
Which side are the Democrats on?

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