Monday, January 8, 2007

The unspoken prosecutor in the hall

There's not much to say about Rod Blagojevich's inauguration today in Springfield. Our heavily investigated governor strode the podium with his family and stood a few chairs away from the man assumed to be his criminal defense lawyer.

A scandal ridden governor must be resourceful, Governor Rod learned from his predecessor. He can't stand around all day waiting for the indictments. He must have a diversion.

Because the death penalty moratorium already was spoken for, Blagojevich focused his speech on the next best media popular issue, universal health care. No mention about how it would be paid for, but no matter, he has something to talk about until U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald ushers in the Pat Quinn era.

The state's real problems—finances and ethics? Not a word.

There was a lot of blather about helping the regular people out there, just a few days after his administration threw them under the bus for a big campaign contributor.

Courtesy of the State Journal-Register, here are a few photo highlights of the day. (The SJR is not responsible for the captions).

Why am I here, Mayor? Because this
time I'm going to collect the legal fees in advance.

I promise to answer the subpoenas
to the best of my ability, so help me God

I swear I'll continue to talk
about corruption except
in the Governor's office

Mommy, is that another
$1,500 check?

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