Wednesday, October 22, 2008

AP and its transparent priorities

Associated Press, which refuses to even mention that the Rezko-Obama house sale is under federal scrutiny, devoted massive resources to this "blockbuster."

Who says journalists don't investigate any more?  The AP is getting to the bottom of Sarah Palin's children traveling with her on state business.  No news yet on Barack Obama's dealings with Rezko or Ayers, or how his wife nearly tripled her six figure income  at a hospital when became a US Senator and then got earmarks for it.  But first things first, I'm sure.

The AP report has three names in the byline: Brett J. Blackledge, Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo.  From the story's timeline, the AP had requested her expense reports prior to August 6.  Brett, Adam and Matt must have been part of that army of lawyers and journalists who descended on Wasilla within days of McCain announcing Sarah as his VP pick.

Their story is comprehensive, if you go by word count.  My computer says its over 1,400 words.  If you can wade through the article, they seem to describe every single trip any of Sarah's kids took with her -- juicy stuff.  In all, we're talking $21,012.  Twenty one thousand dollars!  Michelle Obama would have to do community outreach for three or four weeks to haul in that much cash.

Here are the resources AP expended to get a story that alleges spending that almost certainly is legal.

Let's see, their investigation started before August 6. Their story ran October 21. Three reporters, 11 weeks? That's over 1300 man-hours plus air-fare, lodging and per diem, if they were full time on that. How much did that cost? Over $21,012? (I easily estimate three times that, but maybe they weren't all full time.)

And now that AP is done with that big probe?

In the meantime, it's nice to know that Brett, Adam and Matt are now getting freed up from that intensive dive into the darkest secrets of Sarah's past so they can get back to the Rezko, Ayers, wife's job investigations thingies they must have been pulled from temporarily.

I'm sure that's coming next. As in next year or next decade.

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