Sunday, October 26, 2008

Malpractice by Chicago newspapers

Newsweek today reported that a new lawsuit reveals for the first time that U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald is interested in the same day house and lot purchase by Barack Obama and convicted felon Tony Rezko.

A recent lawsuit filed by Kenneth J. Conner, a former real estate analyst, against Mutual Bank of Harvey, Ill., for wrongful termination, includes an exhibit indicating for the first time that loan records of the Rezkos' purchase of the vacant lot next door to Obama has come up in Fitzgerald's investigation. The exhibit is an Oct. 19, 2006, e-mail distributed among bank executives referring to a "grand jury subpoena" for "Rita Rezko's loan" for the property at 5050 S. Greenwood AvenueĆ¢€”the lot adjacent to the Obamas

This is a highly newsworthy revelation that neither the Chicago Tribune or Chicago Sun-Times has seen fit to publish in its newspapers. Would those newspapers fail to note the existence of a federal criminal grand jury subpoena in Alaska if it was directly related to Sarah Palin's house purchase?

Here's the McCain campaign's latest web video on the subject.

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