Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Time for conservatives to start own media

UPDATE--Wow. MSNBC is teaming up with ACORN and an all-star lineup of left-wing groups on election day. Why stop there? Might as well have staffers drive people to the polls for Obama.

A new Pew study of stories from the conventions through the debates:

Percent negative:
Barack Obama—29 percent
John McCain—57 percent.

There is no longer any doubt the MSM is trying to drag Obama across the finish line. The solution for conservatives? John Hinderaker has an idea.

But the mainstream media--which is to say, most reporters and editors who work for "mainstream" news organizations--have no honor and are not interested in truth. They are, as Card says, "the public relations machine of the Democratic Party." It's time to accept that fact and move on. Our existing news organizations--the New York Times, the Associated Press, NBC, CNN, CBS, and so on--can't be reformed, they can only be ignored. It is time for conservatives, libertarians, moderates, and normal citizens who are interested in straightforward reporting of the news to build their own news organizations in competition with the corrupt ones that now exist.

I think he's right.

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