Friday, October 3, 2008

Palin defeats pundits again

After 10 days of ridicule from the liberal high choir, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin showed once again they are not to be trusted as reliable brokers of information. The previous 10 days of reporting and commentary simply did not square with her superb debate performance.

Palin outdebated the three other members of the national ticket, all members of the world's most famous debating club, the U.S. Senate.

Morning shows conducted by the MSM are grudgingly reporting Palin "did well." They are rationalizing this by saying it doesn't matter, it is a one-day story, she was reciting talking points, she didn't answer questions, etc. They are reciting dubious "snap polls" without describing the methodology of those notoriously unreliable surveys. The same pundits who said Barack Obama won his debate over John McCain on style and tone and not substance are proclaiming that Biden won this one on substance. Whatever.

The media elite like to say Barack Obama and Joe Biden have "nimble minds" but all I'm hearing from the Democratic duo is the same talking point: John McCain is another George W. Bush. I guess when liberal politicians repeat talking points endlessly that's called strategy and when a conservative does it, it's called "programmed" or "recitation."

What I saw last night was a confident communicator who was effective at times in piercing the Obama-Biden narrative. She got off the best lines of the night, was the most likable, and by far the most authentic. Biden talks about the middle class in a wooden, phony way. Palin is the middle class. If she stays on the national political scene, she is a deadly threat to Democrats and thus will continue to be savaged by that party's surrogate partner, the MSM.

Biden made a string of false and untrue statements last night, including misstating the U.S. Constitution. Palin made far fewer mistakes. But don't expect to see the MSM dwell on the mistake gapรข€”it doesn't fit the narrative. Remember, Palin is the dumb one.

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