Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why I think Bill Ayers baby-sat Barack's kids

This rumor has been floating around the internet and I'm going to wade in because I have direct knowledge of this one. A credible person was told this directly by unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers in late 2006, a few months before Barack Obama announced his candidacy for president.

Ayers bragged about how close he was to the Obamas and said he even baby-sat their children.

At least three major media outlets know about this and two that I know of have talked to the person. He is declining to go public because he wants to protect his family. He wants no part of the Joe the Plumber treatment Obama's lapdog protectors in the press gave him. So, in this case, Obama's thugs have won because like mobsters or terrorists they have chilled honest people from coming forward.

I've talked to one of the major media reporters and he said he absolutely believes the man's tale. But, he said his organization will not go forward unless the person goes on the record or other corroboration can be found.

Of course, the truth is that media organizations, particularly in Chicago, are not trying at all to advance the Ayers story. They probably could corroborate this in half a day. If indeed Ayers and or his co-terrorist wife Bernardine Dohrn baby-sat the Obama children, there's bound to be people in the neighborhood who know this.

Why does it matter? Because it would prove that Obama's characterization of his relationship with Ayers is a lie. A lie that a man who might be eight days from being elected president told repeatedly to the American people.

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